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Sam is an excellent realtor. My wife and I were fortunate to meet him on an open house occasion. He is very sincere, dedicated, and professional. He is extremely knowledgeable of local areas so he could quickly identify areas that best match our needs. Sam always gave us a through analysis for the house we were interested but he never pushed us to make a bid. Rather, he spent time with the seller and/or listing agent to get more house and market  information for us to facilitate our decision. In the end, Sam helped us secure a gorgeous house, thanks to his insight and timely market update. It was a pleasant experience working with Sam during our home buying process. He was super patient and responsive with our never-ending questions, concerns, and requests. Equally as important as on professional level, Sam is an honest, intelligent, trustworthy person with integrity. I would highly recommend Sam for any one who has real estate needs.


- Mr. & Mrs. Liu


I first met Sam Lin during his open house in Dublin. After I had a long conversation with him, I felt he is a very reliable person, which was proved later during the whole process from house hunting, giving offer, bargaining with seller and even the loan application.

At that time, my wife was still in China and we decided to buy a house in Bay area. We preferred the houses in Dublin, Pleasanton or San Ramon areas. It was really hard for me to find good houses because I have to work during weekdays and only have time during weekend. I was very lucky that I had the help from Sam.

First Sam asked me questions about our budget, family situation and what kind of house we like. After he had the information, he spent a lot of time pre-selecting those houses that fitted for my situation. During weekends, he drove me to those houses, most times, those houses were not in open house yet. He had to inform the sellers to leave their houses before we arrived. For each house, he gave me lot of good suggestion and pointed out the good and bad things about those houses. Finally my wife and I decided to give offers to two houses, one in San Ramon and the other one in Pleasanton. Sam did research about the price range of those recent sold houses around the two houses, also based on his experience and then gave me some suggestion about the price. He was really on my side and did not push me to bid a high price. After we gave our offers to seller's agents. Sam worked with the seller's agents and got some information about other offers. Sam told me that the house in Pleasanton got over 15 offers from buyers' agents and the chance for me to get was very low (Later I found its sold price is almost 12% higher that its original listing price). Sam also told me that the seller of San Ramon house gave their offer to a buyer who offered about 25K higher than mine. However, Sam said we might still have some chance and he was actively working the seller's agent. He was right and after the first buyer stepped back due to loan issue, we were on the seller's list. I discussed with Sam about the price and we increased our bidding price, but still 10k lower that the first buyer's price and then the seller accepted my price. With Sam's help, I got the house before it went back to market again. Later Sam helped me with the loan application, house inspection and termite inspection. Before the remove contingency date, he represented me and negotiated with the seller's agent to get as much refund as possible for me. As I said, I really appreciated his whole work during my house hunting and buying process.

- Fujian wang

Buying a Home involves some of the biggest decisions people make in their life. The process can be lengthy and at times, directionless. The top priority, regarded by numerous customers, is to find a professional Realtor. Based on recent experience, when it is time to buy a best-matching dream home, I highly recommend one of the top-notch realtors in the Bay Area, Mr. Sam Lin of RE/MAX Valley Properties.

As a prudent first-time home buyer, my desire was to find an agent who can help find and SETTLE the right house that balances location, price, and my feeling for a Home. To achieve this goal, the agent was expected to possess not only experience, but more importantly customer-focused responsiveness and integrity. Mr. Sam Lin is a results-oriented businessman that listens meticulously to customer needs, always sets higher standards for himself to achieve goals, saves in every way possible for his customer. Mr. Lin immediately won my trust in this complicated market with his professionalism. By hiring him, we found and bought our first house that meets or exceeds all requirements within a very short period of time.

Sam is a rare business expert in the real estate market who deeply understands customer has a limited budget, in terms of both dollars and time. He worked with my schedule, was so efficient, and always provided his honest and insightful opinion for customer’s optimal decision. For all the inspection reports, he followed through in details transparently, and went above and beyond expectations at almost every turn. The entire process – from initial consultation with Sam to escrow closure - was very smooth and stress-free. There is true value in choosing a differentiated real estate professional who is always on the customer’s side, and I highly recommend Mr. Sam Lin's service.

In Mr. Lin’s email signature area, there was a line saying “I can make things happen when others can not!” I trust Sam on that, and I believe Mr. Lin will be more successful in his business and life.

- Tiger C.


Thanks for all your help getting us through the sale of our house! I know that this was not an easy one for you, and you always went the extra mile to see that the house and the whole transaction were looked after in our absence. We really appreciate everything you did for us to make is happen so smoothly.

- Raj T.


Thanks to Sam, the emotional stress of selling our home was minimized to almost nothing. He made us feel like we were his only client. He put our goal as a top priority and helped us accomplish it in a very short time. He always kept us updated and informed. He worked very hard to market our home and did much extra work for us. …… He treated us with respect and as valued and dear friends. It is obvious that Sam loves what he does, and it is reflected in everything he does for his clients. He made the words Professional Realtor have a new meaning.

- Lisa&Don R.


I would like to say thank you for all your help and hard work in selling our house in Livermore. This was very important for us, and your were able to do it in a short time and at a good price.   

 – Pierre L.


Sam Helped us sold our old house and purchased our new home. We were so fortunate to have chosen Sam for our Realtors. Sam handled all the details from home inspection, getting us through escrow to shampoo our carpet. He was always had time to answer our questions. We will definitely deal with him again in the future……He protected us and helped us saved lots of money during the transaction. He made our move much easier and did a great job welcoming us to the community, and even provided a welcome basket waiting for us as we first walked into our new home.

- Weijia Y.


Sam helped me brought my dream home. He was so patient; never push me to make decision.  He worked with my schedule and is always available through his phone. He was very efficient, and always provided his honest and insightful opinion for my interest. Sam’s professionalism set the standard for his peers.

- ZiQiang Z.


Sam, thanks again for selling my home. We appreciated you represent and protect our interest and help us get the best deal…..You did an excellent job and we recognize a lot of extra service. Well done!

- ZhiMing W.


…… Sam was very professional. In our initial appointment with him he explained to us all the steps and pros and cons of buying a house and making an offer. We found him to be very honest and decided to work with him. Our overall experience working with Sam was very good and I will highly recommend his services who is looking into buying a property. If somebody wants to speak with me can call me and Sam can provide my phone number.

- Srinder S.


It was a pleasure working with Sam. He is very professional and courteous. Three things are very important to me when working with a realtor: trust, communication and my agent should look after my interests before his or hers. I am pleased to say that Sam has exceeded my expectations.

- Strong Z.